Religion: Its Earthly Costs and Rewards

In this age, it could be said that Religion is met with a great deal of cynicism. Some of the reasons are not that surprising: when religious people back leaders like Donald Trump, a skeptic might ask, “If these people are supposed to speak for God, who is good, why do they support a manContinue reading “Religion: Its Earthly Costs and Rewards”

This Evening Before My Birthday

This December 16 occurs the evening before Shabbat. The significance is that December 17 is my birthday. The unhappy irony is that during this time I am recovering from COVID, and however I have improved I cannot go to shul tomorrow. However, I can contemplate the meaning of the Holiday which will begin on SundayContinue reading “This Evening Before My Birthday”

“We must listen carefully to what the candles are saying.”

I have COVID and am recuperating… I have had it since Saturday, I think, and went to the hospital to be diagnosed with it yesterday or Tuesday… Because of that I have not been doing much writing. Because of that I also consider myself quarantined through half of next week, though I hope I willContinue reading ““We must listen carefully to what the candles are saying.””