Abraham, Then and Now II

I have a mere 6 pages typed up of “The Call,” part of my lecture series Abraham, Then and Now. I believe I can finish this lecture–projected at 10 pages long–tomorrow. I have written down much of the part on Christianity. Largely this involved a lengthy quotation about the Apostle Paul from Bruce Feiler’s Abraham:Continue reading “Abraham, Then and Now II”

Loving God with All Your Soul

Years ago–before 9-11– I was taking Greek History, and my teacher asked us as we read part of Thucydides quoting Pericles, “People ask today, ‘What is it that is worth dying for? Is anything? Do we really know?” She asked this because Pericles is defending the Athenian way of life against the Spartans. He saysContinue reading “Loving God with All Your Soul”

Flawed Heroes in Greek and Hebrew

I have often contemplated the notions of Heroism in Greek mythology and in the Hebrew Bible. I will compare two “flawed” heroes. One of them is Achilles. Achilles in the Iliad is flawed because of his pride. It his pride–and not just his heel, though that it is military weak spot–that kills him in theContinue reading “Flawed Heroes in Greek and Hebrew”

The Gradgrind Education System

I remember when I was in High School, Charles Dickens was my favorite writer. To this day, his illuminating spirit guides me in much of what I write. I am convinced my desire to help poorer people than myself began with Dickens (and perhaps even the New Testament). My dad’s second wife would read throughContinue reading “The Gradgrind Education System”