Remembering Ukraine

With all of the flooding in Hurricane Ian, we must not forget our priorities in foreign parts of the world, like the War in Ukraine, as the Russians have invaded. And, of course, we must think further, when it is over, about Crimea and other places the Russians have invaded. More, we must bear inContinue reading “Remembering Ukraine”

To Save a World

I know yesterday I wrote about the sorrow that sometimes permeates my life. Yet today I want to write about something that gave me joy, if my own part in “Tikkun Olam” (repairing the world) is perhaps a small one. I thought of it only because watching TV I saw a segment of a newsContinue reading “To Save a World”

In Love with Love

As the reader of my blog knows, the truth about my love life is its absence. My current “beloved” is Vlad. As is often the case, I feel his existence in my life is bigger than my existence in his. I hope such longings are not mere “obsessions” for a psychiatrists to analyze. I hadContinue reading “In Love with Love”


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