Woman Thy Name is Faithfulness

There are feminists who see the traditions of folklore and religion as being pro-male and intrinsically sexist. I feel like this is misguided. It is true that tradition, by its nature, is sometimes the last bastion of the past. Yet that past should not be totally rejected, or even largely so. I remember a longContinue reading “Woman Thy Name is Faithfulness”

The Storytelling Animal: A Review

Although fascinating at first, this book tries to do too much with too little space (199 pages).  The first part—about children and make-believe—is fascinating.  I would love to look up some of his sources just to discover more about the relationship between childhood and adulthood imagination… and I imagine it would be fun to readContinue reading “The Storytelling Animal: A Review”

Children Tell the Best Stories

Today I have been plagued by “the lazies,” I have only read ten pages more of the book I am reading than the 100 pages I read yesterday of “The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human.” Nonetheless, there is this one line that resonates in my mind. It is part of a children’s “story”Continue reading “Children Tell the Best Stories”

Spoiler: I Don’t like Maguire’s ‘Wicked’

In recent times, Gregory Maguire has written a mountain of satirical books about Oz. This literary undertaker is somebody I’ve never particularly wanted to see in print. When I first saw the book in bookstores in my teens, I thought it was the only worse book than it would eventually turn out to be: PoorContinue reading “Spoiler: I Don’t like Maguire’s ‘Wicked’”