Halloween: A Jewish Perspective

Today was a Holiday for non-Jews, Halloween. Little children got dressed up in costumes and went door-to-door saying, “Trick or Treat,” for candy. I recall in my pre-Jewish existence watching a Garfield cartoon where the feisty feline discovered buried treasure on a deserted island, and had to relinquish it as a group of pirates–perhaps ghostContinue reading “Halloween: A Jewish Perspective”

The Grimm Brothers’ Portrayal of Jews

We all know these days of how children’s stories can be “weaponized” for political purposes. From Dr. Seuss to Laura Ingalls Wilder, children’s literature is under attack–and also being used by politicians to forward their own pro-traditional agendas. Yet some of the most notorious–and most loved–stories are the oldest, the Grimm Fairy Tales. They haveContinue reading “The Grimm Brothers’ Portrayal of Jews”

Sacrificing My “Favorite” Ones

I continue reading for my class–“Abraham, Then and Now.” I find myself wondering about the meaning of the Akedah, about the fact that, as Bruce Feiler says, it is such a personal story. What could be more personal a sacrifice than the sacrifice of a man’s son? Of course, in modern times people have questionedContinue reading “Sacrificing My “Favorite” Ones”