The Didache (a Jew’s Angle)

As some of my regular readers–(do I have any?)–know, I am burrowing through Jewish, Christian and Muslim writings to learn about Abraham. Today I read Karl-Josef Kuschel’s Abraham: Sign of Hope up to page 25 or so. I read Jon Levenson’s Inheriting Abraham and Bruce Feiler’s Abraham: A Journey into the Heart of three Faiths.Continue reading “The Didache (a Jew’s Angle)”

St. Francis Speaks to Me

Although not Christian, I have often wondered about one particular Catholic Saint. I was raised Protestant, so I was discouraged from wondering about the Church, its’ teachings, and its iconography. I remember after losing faith in Protestantism I spent time at the Catholic Kansas New University just across the street from the base school IContinue reading “St. Francis Speaks to Me”

Curing Writer’s Block: Journaling

I wish I could find this picture I used to have of a huge notebook, it looked like several pounds and was the shape of an artist’s sketchbook. It was for writing, but of writing music, not poetry or prose. I forget who the composer who compiled it was. He was–alas–not famous, despite his industry.Continue reading “Curing Writer’s Block: Journaling”