Things are Looking Up

Ah… For the last two weeks up to Sunday I was having a horrible time working. For all that time, try though I would I could not read Peter the Great: His Life and World. I would read and reread 300-350 (I think) but could not remember a certain thing in it. Well, I put the book down on Friday and Saturday until after the sunset on Saturday. And then I read 50 pages. And on Sunday I read 50 pages. On Monday, I did not read 100 only because it was Purim and I went to our Purim celebration. And today I read 450-500 and will read to page 550 this evening. 100 pages, my usual goal when I read.

The other problem we have been having is the stove and oven. The stove was not working, and I could not use it or the oven–but as of today we have a new stove and oven. So now this evening we will have eggplant and chickpea stew. Tomorrow perhaps we will have apricot chicken and fragrant rice. All I have to do is buy the groceries. However, tonight we are having the stew.

So it is that when you have lemons you should make lemonade. And though these may seem like small things–the inability to work and the inability to cook–do not doubt that my arising refreshed and able to do these things once more is a marvelous feeling.

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