Thoughts on the Problem of Evil

In the Symphony of Creation, there is a thought about wind blessing God, which applies to the Problem of Evil, and the complicated nature of the world God works his will through,

The wind proclaims, “I will say to the north, ‘Give!’ and to the south wind, ‘Do not withhold! Bring My sons from afar, and My daughters from the ends of the earth.'” The Midrash says that when Achashverosh gave his royal feast, declaring that it should be carried out, “according to the individual wishes of each person” (Ester 1:8) a Heavenly voice proclaimed in this world it is impossible to satisfy everyone. When one sailor needs a northernly wind, another sailor needs a southernly wind, one will certainly be disappointed. However, in the World-to-Come everything will be in harmony and conflicting winds will blow simultaneously to return to the Jewish people and their homeland.

According to this quote, God works through Creation to bring about the Good, but because of conflicting interests of human beings, the Good cannot be done for every human being who deserves it. More, there are interests besides the human ones which God has to work for, too. This is an answer to those who ask, “Why is it that when the farmers need fresh water to rain on their fields, there is a draught and it rains on top of the Sea?” Unbeknownst to the humans who farm, there is a reason why the Ocean needs the water. This is a hard truth. More, a person is asked to pray for their needs despite the fact that they may not get what they ask for anyway. Yet it is key to our understanding of God that God acts through Creation and not that everything we need or want comes for our asking for it.

Yet eventually, the Good will be rewarded and the Evil punished. In the afterlife, people will at last receive the Good which they deserve. When God created the Universe, God was Pure Spirit and what became the Universe was Matter. God worked God’s will to create everything that is. God created Humankind to produce completion. This was because even with all the gorgeous plants, beautiful birds, and marvelous animals, God needed a friend in Creation: and so God made Humankind. And God really did breathe God’s Spirit into Humankind–though other animals have souls, too…

When the Universe dies, God will gather all Humankind, and they will be rewarded or punished. And even the plants, birds and animals will have their place in God’s Heaven. The Evil will be destroyed, but the Good will spend eternity with God in God’s Heaven–because to live with God is the greatest joy any Human can experience.

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