Children of the Cat Goddess II

I hope the reader does not mind my going over my current work on the book whose root is called Children of the Cat Goddess, which will be an omnibus of sorts after I make some additions. For those who have not heard of it (perhaps most of it) Children of the Cat Goddess is about a Felidae species (lions and house cats alike are in the Felidae family) on an alien world. They have human intelligence and their own civilizations. However in my first book, only the Irlaki Cats are explored in any depth. However, without going into why and how, I hope to write a quartet to follow up the 100 pages or so I wrote in Children of the Cat Goddess and then include the first book, the sequel set, the scriptures of the “Peninsula Cats” (including the Irlaki Cats) and then a manifesto expressing the rights of Animals, The Book of Warren (a Cat who picks up a human name and moves to earth).

Right now I am writing the Peninsula Cat’s scriptures. I have already written parts of it, but here is the outline (more or less) of what it will look like. The authors, are Cats and fictive.

The Book of the Cats of Irlak

A. The Secrets of the Daughter of the Cat Goddess

Author: Ketim

Length: 12 parts (finished).

Subject: Key teachings of the religion of the Cat People (specifically the Irlaki ones).

B. The Appropriate Rules

Regarding the Moral Conduct

of the Female and Male Cat

Author: Lousk

Length: 12 parts (to be written)

Subject: Rules dictating the conduct of female and male Cat People.

C. Tales of Cats and Larkumalki

Author: Rourk

Length: 12 parts (to be written)

Subject: Materials meant for the education of the children of Irlak.

The Book of the Cats of Miwak

[This portion does not even exist in outline yet, though I plan for it to be somewhat similar in form to The Book of the Cats of Miwak.]

The Holy Book of the Ssk

Author: Ketel

Length: 10 parts (finished)

Subject: This short pieces is the story of how the Ssk dynasty came from afar to settle in its Promised Land. It is alleged by one scholar to be the oldest scripture on the Peninsula.

The Holy Book of the Limbic Cats

A. The Flood.

Author: As yet undetermined.

Length: As yet undetermined.

Subject: A far away flood that drove the Limbic Cats to the Peninsula.

B. The Apocalypse.

Author: As yet undetermined.

Length: As yet undetermined.

Subject: A prediction for the end of the Cat-world and how its inhabitants will fair in the remaking of that World.

The Constitution of the Miriki

Author: Mirik

Length: As yet undetermined

The Constitution of the only group of Cats on the Peninsula who do not live in what amounts to a caste system.

The Book of Warren

Author: Warren

Length: As yet undetermined

The Animal Rights Manifesto produced by Warren, the Cat (a Commoner by birth) who travels to earth and spends his life learning about humans and teaching humans about the Irlaki Cats into whose community he was born.

After I finish The Book of Warren, I will start work on the Quartet:

Travels of the Irlaki Cats

  1. Northwards to the Frozen Land;
  2. Eastward to and past the Mountain Republics;
  3. The Discovery of the Elephant Lords;
  4. Westwards Across the Seas.

Of course, while I am writing this bit by bit, I will continue work on Tales of the Land of the Firebird. And yes, I have written the easiest part of Children of the Cat Goddess: the Introduction.

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