Remembering Ukraine

With all of the flooding in Hurricane Ian, we must not forget our priorities in foreign parts of the world, like the War in Ukraine, as the Russians have invaded. And, of course, we must think further, when it is over, about Crimea and other places the Russians have invaded. More, we must bear in mind that despite the heroism of Zelensky and those leading Ukraine, the War between Russia and Ukraine is not wholly over. We must send guns and, possibly, troops.

I know this sounds hypocritical: I wrote darn little about Hurricane Ian, and probably I should have. Yet the problems we have at home are the ones best covered by our media, so I hope the reader will understand. Or if not understand, forgive.

At the same time, I think something needs to be covered that is being forgotten besides Ukraine: COVID-19 in our nation and worldwide. Despite the apparent decline in cases, I believe that people are still dying from it in the United States and in places like Brazil, India and Africa. Presumably places like the U.K., France and Italy have their own vaccines to give their citizens, who are ready to get those vaccines. So it is that not only should we give shots to people in the United States, the shots should be carried to those 3rd World places where the vaccine is not readily available.

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