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On Saturday I was at the library early.  Too early, in fact.  First Mom and I had to leave to go eat breakfast.  Then I came by, and the library was open but the room where we were selling the books was closed.  However, one of the staff was kind enough to let me into the room where it would be held, and I left the books and other supplies (posters and bookmarks) in that room.  Then at 1:00 PM I went into the room and set up: 2 posters on the table; the books on top of them; and the bookmarks in front of them.

            At first I felt dejected: there were no sales.  However, one person who ran the place assured me that most sales were not done at the place itself.  And in fact I made more than one sale: one woman was so taken with the four-book set of The Bible According to Eve that she told me she wanted to buy it on-line.  She could not buy it there because she did not have cash or a check book.  So I directed her to Barnes & Noble.  The Sunflower (the W.S.U. newspaper) also took a picture of my book.  And many people took bookmarks, in fact, all of my bookmarks and one poster I gave away for free were gone when I left.

            So I am glad that I went to the book sale for local Kansas authors.

            In the meantime, I will write that at Book-o-Holic in Wichita has accepted a few books to sell at full price, and I have a contract with Watermark—a local bookstore—to do the same.  I will sign the contract and give Watermark the copies of the book on September 3.  The price for the consumer at both bookstores shall be same time.  I am hoping I can get my book at Barnes & Noble in Wichita, too.  Alas, I don’t think for now it is possible for me to ship the books out-of-town.

            I also—but this was on Friday—sent 20+ copies of my flier to different libraries in Kansas.  My eventual goal is to run off more copies of the letter I sent, get more fliers if necessary, and get them to every library in Kansas and a few to Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska.  Perhaps I shall get a list for Colorado.

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