U.S. Policy Towards the War in Ukraine

I have thought for a while about a subject that I wish I could influence people on in our foreign affairs. It is two-fold: the elections at midterm (with Joe Biden as President) and what he should do with abroad in Ukraine.

The first is that the American people should regard President Joe Biden as necessary even if they are more conservative than him: ex-President Donald J. Trump was obviously bought off by the Russians and would be subservient to them abroad again if elected president again. More, the Republican party is badly compromised, so that even those who are wary of Democratic Party should not support leaders like Ted Cruise or Tom Cotton until the Party has new (hopefully more honest) leadership. Despite temporary hardships–bearing in mind that people are predominately free from unemployment–we should all pull together behind a foreign policy as we did under Harry Truman in the Marshall Plan and in Asia in the rebuilding of Japan.

The second is that President Joe Biden should not let himself be cowed by President Vladimir Putin. We should send our planes to Ukraine and help them in every possible way to defeat their foe, Putin. If for them to stay free of Putin’s arm they must promise not to join NATO that is okay, but ideally all of Ukraine should be under Ukrainian power. That should be our working goal. More, if you ask me after the war is over, the United States should do something like a lend-lease loan to rebuild Ukraine. After all, Ukraine will not be the same until the people of Ukraine can live in the kinds of buildings they had before the Russian invasion. Our siding with Ukraine will be incomplete until any Ukrainian willing can return to his or her native soil and rebuilt home.

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