Folks, Get Your Shots

Last night a doctor appeared on the 11th Hour who said that because people were not getting vaccinated, it could be years before the United States is the same place to live in that it was before COVID-19.  I fear he may be right.  Why would people commit mass suicide this way?  Does Donald Trump claiming that a deadly virus is no more dangerous than the flu make it true after over 740,000 people have died?  How can anyone imagine him to be anything but a villain?  Has our entire country gone mad?

          I don’t like every leftwing idea that has come up in recent years, either.  I had no problem with Dr. Seuss or Laura Ingalls Wilder, two children’s book authors whom I always loved. I resented the erasure of America’s past that banning these books represent. More,  I thought MSNBC’s documentary on the Civil War was the sickest thing I ever saw. 

But right now people are dying in the thousands.  More, there are people who lost their jobs or have other economic problems because of it. Surely a person’s “culture war” problems can be put off to another day. Dr. Seuss is not dead. You can still read the Little House on the Prairie books to your kids. Yet if you really think about it, isn’t it more important that your children live, that they eventually have children of their own, that America have a future and not just a past?

For Gosh sake folks. You need to take your COVID-19 shots.

President Joe Biden isn’t lying to you on that one.

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